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That's Donald Duck

Donald Duck evrybody knows him

He should have known the moment he stept out of his shell that life was going to be a challenge. It was friday the 13th it was night. It was raining. And he was all alone.

Determind to succeed against all odds, Donald Duck set off to make his way in the world. In the sixty years since, he has become one of America's most famous and beloved personalities,  and Acedemy AwardŽ winner,and an inspiration for all who strugle with life's daily onslaught of obstacles and irritants. Americans caught their first glimpse of Donald in Walt Disney's 1934 Silly Symphony called The Wise Little Hen. In that movie, a sailor suited duck danced a clever hornpipe. with his next appearance, in Orhan's Benefit, he began to display his feisty personality. Since then this hot-tempered, web-footed wonder has cavorted through well overe a hundred films, right into the hearts of millions of people worldwide

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