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It all started in Scotland 
The McDucks



The most famous McDuck of all is ofcourse Scrooge McDuck 

he travelt all over the world untill 1967 when he was exactly 100 Years when he was traveling he made a lott of friends and enemy's but his best friends will always be his family   when his sisters left him he was ruiend he tried to stop them but then he saw he was the Richest Duck in The World and he was so happy he forgot all about his sisters  

Sir Quackly McDuck got a treasure he was trying to hide it so good  that he build a wall aroung him with the treasure and he could not escape  the McDucks tried to find him for ages but then they gave up 

Seafoam McDuck was in the ship buisness untill he closed a contract with someone from the McSchobbejak clan (his Dutch name) who undid the ships and the ships sank all he had left was his golden teeth and his silver watch

Malcolm McDuck
liked patatoes very mutch one time he liked them to mutch  Malcolm and his friend Pintail Duck

Sir Suft McDuck was the brave knight of the when he was suppoost to fight 

Sir Eider McDuck
in the war his army ran away becouse he diden't pay them enough

Quagmire McDuck
the unnone character from the family we only now that he had a brother named 
Dirty "Dingus"McDuck

Dirty "Dingus" McDuck
Dingus is the father of Fergus McDuck,Jake McDuck and Angus McDuck Dingus was married to Molly Mallard

Molly Mallard 
Molly is the mother of   Fergus McDuck,Jake McDuck and Angus McDuck Molly was married to Dirty "Dingus" McDuck 

Jake McDuck  he hates the whiskervilles

Angus "pothole" McDuck moved to New Orleans as a river captain what can i say he was a gambler his enemy where the Beagle Boys and Gerrit Gladsnuit (his Dutch  name)

Fergus McDuck  the father of 
Scrooge McDuck, 
Hortense McDuck and 
Matilda McDuck
he worked in a factory and was married to 
Downy O'Drake

Downy O'Drake was the mother of 
Scrooge McDuck, 
Hortense McDuck and 
Matilda McDuck
and she was married to Fergus McDuck

Matilda McDuck the sister of Scrooge and Hortense she was not married

Hortense McDuck the mother of Donald Duck and Della Duck she was married to 
Quackmore Duck 

Quackmore Duck the father of Donald Duck and Della Duck  and the son of Humferdink Duck and 
Elvira "Grandma" coot

Donald Duck had many adventures but he is lazy

Della Duck the mother of Heuy Dewey and Louie she was married to ???? Duck

Heuy Dewey and Louie Duck the were part of the young woodchuks they played baseball they had a Dog named snozzie
















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